Happy World Art Day! This day celebrates the contributions of art in aspects of communication and bringing people together. Art can become a bridge for people to have a common understanding which is essential for a more peaceful world. 🎨🌏

A fun way to celebrate this day is to create something that helps you express yourself a little better. Whether it may be a greeting card telling your loved ones how much you appreciate them or maybe a new painting you can showcase by the kitchen– all of these allow us to communicate a bit better!

When making something new, it’s best to start off on a clean slate and the best thing to help you is Solbac’s Surface Disinfectant spray! We highly recommend this to help you get started on your new art project 🎨🖌️ There’s nothing like having a clean space to start with so you can focus. It’s an all-in-one cleaner, sanitizer, and disinfectant which kills 99.9% of germs and viruses!

Solbac’s Surface Disinfectant spray is great for our Loopy mommies who want to make sure their kiddos are doing their fun art projects in clean spaces where they can truly explore their full potential!

What art activity are you doing to celebrate World Art Day? 🎨🌏