Planning to celebrate Valentine's weekend with your significant other? Or maybe spending some quality time with your besties instead? This special time of the year is dedicated to all the people we love. Let’s see how our friends from around the world celebrate Valentine’s!


February 14th is marked as National Chocolate Day which seems fitting considering that they’re one of the largest cocoa producers in the world! Restaurants and bars celebrate by creating special menus surrounding this national holiday. I mean, who wouldn’t want a full meal with every dish featuring some good ol’ chocolate!


I think you’re going to want to fly to Bulgaria right now when you find out that they celebrate the 14th of February as their Day of Winemakers. What is that, you may ask? Well, it’s only a day filled with wine, wine, and maybe some more wine. Our Bulgarian friends (of all legal drinking ages) sure know how to celebrate with good wine and even better company.


Calling all besties! Estonia is waiting for you! In Estonia, they celebrate February 14th not just for couples but for everyone – and we mean everyone. This special day is called Sobrapaev also known as friendship day. On this day, our friends in Estonia exchange gifts with not only their significant others but also friends and family. Talk about a Christmas part 2?