You might have heard the phrase, "Adopt, Don’t Shop, and are wondering what it means.

Pets sold in pet stores or online typically originate from mills—commercial facilities that primarily focus on profit and not on the welfare of the animal.
These pets may come with more health problems in the long-run especially if it’s from a source that you know virtually nothing about.
According to the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), around 12 million stray cats and dogs
(also known as puspins and aspins, short for Pusang Pinoy and Asong Pinoy, respectively) roamed the country in 2019.

Many die from hunger or disease, and some are put down to control the growing population of strays. This is where “Adopt, Don’t Shop” comes in.


Choosing to adopt has numerous advantages compared to shopping for a pet:

Adoption saves a life

When you adopt a pet, you not only save that animal’s life but give them a home.
This in turn, gives another animal a chance of staying in an animal shelter while waiting to be adopted.

 Decreases overpopulation

Shelters are typically overpopulated and many more roam the streets.
Shelters spay or neuter pets before helping them find their new homes.

Finds a fit for your personality

Fostering a pet allows you to get to know a cat or dog before fully committing to adopting them.
This is not possible when buying from a pet store.
Pet stores mostly carry puppies, which can be a handful especially for older folks.
Shelters house pets of different ages that may be a better fit for your personality and ability to take care of them.


Here are some organizations in the metro where you can adopt rescued cats and dogs:

The adoption process may differ per organization but typically interviews are done to determine if a dog or cat is a right match with a prospective owner.
Adoption fees are also affordable (around P1000) compared to the tens of thousands you might spend on buying a pet from a mill.

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