In the past 2 years, people have stayed in their homes more than ever because of the lockdowns in many areas. Because of this, we’ve put more importance on how our homes make us feel, whether it was to create an office area or to make it more homey. For millennials (like me), a lot of Adulting has been at home and improving the home space. That’s why it was so important to know how to maintain furniture so it doesn’t degrade too quickly.
We know how expensive wooden furniture can get so here are some quick tips to help you as much as it helped us!

Avoiding direct sunlight 🌞

One of the first things you should take note of is the placement of your wooden furniture in your home. Avoid areas that get too much direct sunlight because the heat and light can cause the wood to age faster! If you really want your wooden tables or chairs right by a window, maybe investing in a pretty curtain can help lessen the impact of harsh sunlight.

Dust regularly 🧹

A little bit of regular dusting can help maintain your wooden furniture more than you think! When dust piles up on ledges and little nooks and crannies, it can build up and might even scratch your precious items 😣 You know what they say, a little goes a long way!

No sharp objects please 🙅‍♀️

Wood can be very delicate so it’s best to keep sharp objects that can scratch a little further away. Objects like scissors, knives, or even trays with sharp corners can easily nick your precious furniture and leave a lasting mark. Best to keep safe!

Polish when you can ✨

It’s always best to give your wood, vinyl, and even leather furniture some extra TLC when you can. This helps maintain their natural glow making them look as good as when you first got it! Splenda is our best bet as it not only shines and protects your furniture, but it also contains antibacterial agents proven effective against surface germs!
Help us help you 😉 clean and protect your home space with ✨Splenda furniture polish✨ Get it now here on Loopy, available in 160ml and 330ml spray cans.