Looking for a nice treat this weekend? We’ve got you! With a little help from our friends at Knorr, we’ll guide you how to make this super asim kilig dish that’ll surely get your family going back for seconds for this weekend’s dinner.
When you think of Pinoy food, Sinigang is your best bet. Personally, I prefer Sinigang na Baboy or even Sinigang na Bangus– but we’ve got something else in store for you today, Loopy friends! Today, we’ll be making Sinampalukang Manok.
What’s Sinampalukang Manok?? Honestly, it’s a lot like Sinigang but with a few edits here and there. Get that nice tender chicken with that homey feeling of hot sour soup. Yum!
We did this recipe with help from Knorr and our Sinigang sa Gabi mix which is still on 50% off until the end of February 2022! Hurry up before this awesome deal runs out!