With the rising prices, we all want to find new products that can be more cost efficient. One of those things that we use on a daily basis is dishwashing soap and we love that we can share our newest addition to our Loopy fam, Clareo! The dishwashing liquid that’s just as hard-working as the leading brand— but at a lower price!
It’s been tried and tested and Clareo has proven to be the most concentrated dishwashing liquid in the game based on lab tests at 44% concentrate. This means that every bottle of Clareo can last you longer than other brands. Life saver!
After all that hard work of cleaning, you can rest assured that it delivers the squeakiest clean while still being gentle on your hands. So no need to worry too much if you prefer to clean the dishes glove free!
Clareo is available in the classic Lemon or Calamansi scents in 225ml, 250ml, 475ml, and 500ml packs. Get it now for the lowest price guaranteed only on Loopy!