With the rising prices, we all want to find new products that can be more cost efficient to fit our budget. Whether it's saving on basic things like tissue to maybe cutting back on snacks, we've got to admit that we've been a bit more careful when shopping for supplies. It's almost the holiday season and we're anticipating more potluck preps and Salo-salos are coming our way soon-- which also means more dishes 😵‍💫 We hate to admit it! But maybe that's the price for such yummy food? 😅
We've got Clareo on our side to help us battle the dishwashing blues! When we say sulit, we mean it because Clareo comes packed with up to 44% concentrate to fight against grease and stubborn odors. So no need to worry about Tita Menchie's famous binagoongan leaving your favourite Tupperware smelling like bagoong for days 🤭 Clareo's got your back too!
Don't get us wrong, we love doing the dishes! Compared to other chores, you get to stay in one spot (maybe put on a podcast to keep you company) and it's generally pretty chill 🤷 And now we don't have to worry about hands that feel just a bit too dry afterwards because of Clareo's gentle formulation-- plus we're here for the refreshing scent!  🤭
We could go on about how Clareo fits right into our holiday duties but we'd love to hear about your Clareo experience! How did it help with your holiday dishwashing blues? Let us know!
Clareo is available in the classic Lemon or Calamansi scents in 225ml, 250ml, 475ml, and 500ml packs. Get it now for the lowest price guaranteed only on Loopy!