We've already let you in on the how's of keeping your furniture looking good as new but what about the why's? Of course, one of the best reasons as to why you should maintain your furniture in the best condition that you can is to make the most of your investment -- I mean, those solid wood tables don't come cheap! Or maybe it was an heirloom piece you want to preserve for the next generation.
Our furniture plays a huge role in how we feel in our personal spaces. They give our space personality and there might even be some sentimental value attached to them. That's why we recommend you to regularly dust, avoid direct sunlight, keep sharp objects away, and of course, polish when you can! All these simple steps help preserve your furniture and maintain its value.

Protects it from scratches 

When you have furniture that's been a round for a while, you'll start to notice a lot of wear and tear on them. Maybe the handle of the cabinet you open often seems more worn than the rest or, if you have pets, there might even be a few scratch marks here and there 😅 All of this constant usage wears down the furniture's protective layer which is usually either the wax or the varnish. When you polish, you maintain this protective layer and helps it shield your furniture from those minor scratches it might get. The polish also keeps your furniture from looking dull (even after all these years!) and maintains it looking shiny and new for much much longer.

Protects it from stains

Other signs of physical wear and tear over the years are stains. These can come from something as simple as leaving a wet cup on your table creating rings or worse, paint stains from when your kid had their art activity on the dining room table 😱 While you can correct these stains with home remedies, it's always good to be ready even before the incident happens. When you polish your furniture, not only does it leave your furniture looking nice and shiny, it also gives it that extra bit of protection from stains like these. While polishing doesn't give your furniture that 100% barrier, it sure does keep it at bay 😌

Protects you from allergens

To all our allergenic friends out there 🙋🏻‍♀️ you can rest assured that polishing does help keep dust away! Because when you continually clean and maintain your home, dust can barely thrive -- and that's the goal! Polishing can also keep the natural parts of your furniture such as (of course) the wood, vinyl, leather, glue, and possibly some metal fixtures from degrading as fast as it would without the maintenance. When you use Splenda Furniture Polish you're also using a product that contains antibacterial agents that is proven effective against surface germs.

So keep your furniture shiny, protected, and germ-free with Splenda!