Hi there! I’m Nina, Loopy’s Graphic Designer. For the past year, I’ve been living on a farm so I’ve had to rethink how I recycle or reuse my things to lessen my household waste. I’ve done almost everything from composting food scraps to propagating produce; and I think one of the most important ones I’ve started doing is repurposing my used coffee grounds!

I’m a big coffee drinker and so is the rest of my family so you can only imagine how many Nescafé Dolcé Gusto pods we go through in a week 😩 Since moving out of the city I’ve also spent more and more time doing some gardening and what do you know! Used coffee grounds are great for the soil!

Coffee grounds are a good source of Nitrogen for your plants and it’s also a great organic additive which helps improve soil drainage, water retention, and aeration. But maybe it’s best to experiment first with a small amount of coffee added to your soil just to make sure your plants don’t get shocked! (I always try to ease in additives by doing it in quarters per week.)

Little efforts like this help us be more mindful about investing in our planet beyond Earth Day 🌏 What about you, got any tips to celebrate Earth Day everyday?