Puspin is a combination of the words Pusa and Pinoy referring to the common cat we have around the Philippines. These are usually cats with short hair in any combination of colors and are often very friendly! For the longest time, these cats were referred to as Pusakals (a combination of Pusa and Kalye) but have since been evolved into a more domesticated term, the Puspin! Keep reading to get to know more about this lovable little friend of ours!
Puspins have recently gained more popularity in the recent years because of the growing movement to Adopt, Don't Shop. The movement aims to house both street cats and dogs which has gained an estimated population of over 10 million in 2020 according to a Philippine Animal Welfare Society article. Moreover, it encourages pet owners to spay and neuter their pets to lessen their growing population. These efforts help make sure that every cat and dog can be house and get to live in a humane environment.
Growing up, my family has been fond of taking in cats and taking care of them. Every seasoned pet owner knows the tedious job of rehoming a new pet and letting them get used to your environment. It's also a big task to get to know their preference in food. For some, it might be an easy transition from surviving on tira-tira or scraps to processed cat food and supplements. But there will always be those who love to get a taste of different kinds of cat food before settling on their favorite 😹 This is where our trusty brand Purina Cat Food comes in!
Loopy now carries 5 different variants of dry Purina Cat Food with some that are especially formulated for Kittens and Indoor Cats! With this wide selection, you can let your newly adopted kitty try it out and see what they like. Let's get to know some of our top picks!
Friskies Meaty Grill
This meaty treat is made of real bits of beef, chicken, lamb, turkey, and more to help your meat loving cat develop and maintain lean muscles and a shiny coat. Partner this hearty meal with proper exercise such as active play time and climbing/scratching poles to keep their muscles in tune 💪🏻
Friskies Seafood Sensations
The delicious flavors of tuna, salmon, crab, and more come together to give your cat a taste of the sea. So even if you live deep in the heart of the metro, your cat's taste buds can have that ocean adventure they crave 😻
Friskies Surfin' Turfin'
We've all heard the trope of cats who are just obsessed with fish, I mean, we've seen it in every cartoon! So why not treat your cat to the flavors of mackerel, tuna, salmon, and sardine -- all of those flavors that they crave and love oh so much!
One thing we've learned when we rehome strays is that these Puspins are the most grateful beings you've ever met! It was important for us that they really got a taste of cat food that tasted good an was really healthy for them instead of the scraps they've had to deal with. So if you're looking to take in a pet this summer, we encourage everyone to Adopt, Don't Shop and check out your local pound for your next furry buddy!
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