We’re excited to tell you all about Ambree!The newest addition to our Loopy fam that offers air fresheners and a fabric refresher that leaves you with freshness that lasts 🍃 Keep reading to get to know more about it!

Ambree Air Fresheners

Made from a curated mix of essential oils, it’s no surprise that Ambree Air Fresheners give an instant and long lasting boost of freshness to your space.
Find the perfect scent you’ll love among the 4 fresh scents available here on Loopy: 💐Floral Bouquet, 🍊Fruits Fusion, 🌸Spring Blossoms, and 🌿So Fresh, So Clean. Which one are you taking home?

Fabric Refresher

This quick fix antibac Fabric Refresher spray can give your linens that coveted fresh laundry scent that we all love 💙 It’s especially formulated to be non staining and also prevents bacteria growth with its antimicrobial agent that kills germs and viruses! Experience the convenience and ease of Ambree’s Fabric Refresher on your clothes, linens, curtains, and more!
Give your home, office, and other indoor spaces the fresh boost you need with Ambree!

Shop it here on Loopy and, as always, get your 6th month for FREE!