Hi! I’m Nina, and I’m Loopy’s Social Media Manager. When it comes to managing content, I always have to be alert to make sure that posts and other visuals are all running smoothly. I admit that around midday I start to feel a bit of a lul from working the whole morning. Of course, it’s no secret that coffee is a good hack to get my creative juices up and running again.

One thing that I’ve gotten a hang of since working from home the past 2 years was how to make my own iced coffee! I used to go out and buy iced coffee everyday when I was working in the office. Since working from home, it started out with just a regular cup of coffee that I didn’t finish from the morning. I put ice in it and it’s the simplest – admittedly not the best iced coffee – but it did the job. Over time I wanted to experiment a bit more with different blends which is what I found super helpful when I finally got my hands on the Genio S Basic! I’ve been eyeing the machine for a while which is why I was so happy when it went on a promo sale.

You know when you just put ice in hot coffee and then the ice just melts way too fast, leaving you with a super watered down coffee? Yeah, that’s happened to me way too often before I got my Genio. Now, with just a simple switch, I can have my coffee or tea brewed cold so I don’t have to water it down with too much ice! Uhm, life hack!!

Here are my top 3 blends that I looove iced:

  1. Cappuccino
  2. Americano
  3. Chococino

I’d love to hear about your fave blends and iced coffee hacks  too! What’s your top 3 with Nescafe?