We’re all familiar with the good ol’ Americano coffee (usually) with a shot of espresso with 2 part water, right? The convenient pods of Nescafé Dolce Gusto makes it even easier to enjoy your cup without all the hassle of having to set up several gadgets and what not. But 😳 have you ever tried tweaking your Americano before? I know, I know! It sounds kind of weird at first. It’s the perfect cup, why tweak it? 🤷‍♀️ Which is why we tried it so that maybe you’ll want to try it too? Let’s see what we got!

Americano + Sugar

Basic! Adding a little sweetness to your morning kick never hurt anybody. But keep in mind that too much sugar is maybe not the best? So we suggest keeping the sweetness on the lighter side, just enough to give your coffee that nice boost in the morning 🌤

Americano + Flavored Syrup (we used Caramel)

Ok ok, getting interesting 🧐 So we happened to have some caramel syrup left over from some dessert we attempted a week ago and we thought we’d give it a go! Turns out caramel syrup in Americano coffee is good because it added that sweetness and a bit of that creamy flavor too. Don’t let us stop you there! We’re going to try out other flavors soon. Got any suggestions?

Americano + Brewed Coffee

Not for the faint of heart 🚨 Americano is strong enough but imagine if it was even stronger. Just like how Captain America was already literally Captain America but then he got the hammer and got even stronger?? That’s how we feel about this one. Might be great for a Monday if you ask us!

These are just some of the recipes we’ve tried with our Americano blend but we’re excited to try some more in the future. Got suggestions for our next experiment? Let us know on IG!