You shop ONCE. We ship MONTHLY.


With LOOPY, you can create your own essentials bundles and have them delivered straight to your doorstep every month.
You just need to use code LOOPMonthly upon check out. 
LOOPMonthly gives you 5% off every month and every 7th month delivery FREE of charge. 


Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use code LOOPMonthly.


STEP 1: Create an account

If you already have an account, just login using your email and password.


STEP 2: Create your LOOPY BUNDLE

You can choose to look through our different category tabs. You can also choose the "BRANDS" tab to see all of our available brands.


You can add different items from different categories to your cart. Here's a sample essentials bundle to give you an idea.




Please take note that you CAN'T ADD items to an existing bundle but you CAN REMOVE items that are already in your bundle
if you don't want to receive them the next month. Removing an item means you will not get it for free on the 7th month.


STEP 3: Proceed to CHECK OUT

Fill in the shipping details and don't forget to use code LOOPMonthly to get your 5% off discount. IMPORTANT: Please make sure that your zip code is correct.
If the system does not recognize your zip code, leave us a message HERE.


This is the fee without the LOOPMonthly discount.


And this is the fee with the LOOPMonthly discount.


STEP 4: Continue to SHIPPING

The shipping fee is based on weight so if your carts exceeds the 3Kg limit, the shipping fee will be higher than the standard shipping rates.
You can learn more about our shipping and delivery details HERE.




STEP 5: Continue to PAYMENT

You can choose to pay via Credit/Debit card, GCash, or COD. You can also change your payment method monthly.


Don't forget to press the blue "COMPLETE ORDER" button once you've reviewed all the details. 



STEP 6: Email confirmation and Facebook Messenger CONFIRMATION

If you want to receive updates via Facebook Messenger, don't forget to press the "SEND ME UPDATES" button.


The email confirmation message looks like this.


It also contains a SUMMARY of your order.




If you opted in to our Loopy Messenger updates, you'll receive notifications via Facebook Messenger.
This is a sample of an order confirmation notification via messenger. 


Aside from an order confirmation message, you'll also get tracking information and delivery updates.


STEP 7: Send in your FLAVOR CHANGES or any OTHER CHANGES to your cart

If you want to change item flavors or to remove items from your loop, make sure to send them at least one month before your processing date. Your PROCESSING DATE is the day of the month that you first made an order. Example: You ordered on March 23 -- your processing date will be every 23rd day of the month.


STEP 8: Wait for your NEXT LOOP

For a step-by-step guide on what happens from month 2 onwards, check out our post on THE LOOPY PROCESS
If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to leave us a message via LOOPY MESSENGER