Did you know that every minute of every day, the equivalent of one truckload of plastic waste enters the sea? (The PLAF, 2021) . Moreover, it is estimated that 2.7 million tons of plastic waste are generated in the Philippines each year, and a whopping 20 percent of that is said to end up in the ocean (McKinsey, 2015).
Figures like these may be overwhelming, but together, we can start a ripple of kindness that will change the tides.

We are doing a pilot test on making our service more mindfully sustainable by:

🌍 Reducing the use of bubble wrap and cling wrap for our NCR deliveries
♻️ Recycling old cartons while still ensuring the safety of your orders
🌱 Collecting clean plastic waste from the Loopy orders you consume every month

LOOPY in partnership with THE PLASTIC FLAMINGO offers
a Plastic Loop Collection Program

The Plastic Flamingo, aka The Plaf, is a social enterprise that aims to tackle marine plastic pollution by collecting and recycling ocean-bound plastic waste through their network of collection points. Their goal is to transform plastic waste into “eco-planks” which will be used to make emergency shelter kits for Filipinos displaced by natural disasters. 

The Plastic Flamingo collects ALL TYPES OF PLASTICS as long as it is WASHED,  CLEANED, and DRIED. 
However, for this initiative, we will ONLY be collecting the plastic items from LOOPY PRODUCTS alone. 


STEP 1: Order any product from LOOPY

1. Add to cart any product of your choice
2. Click subscribe & save
3. Choose your preferred delivery frequency
4. Fill in the necessary delivery details
5. Proceed to payment

STEP 2: We'll deliver your orders starting MONTH 1  

STEP 3: MONTH 2 onwards, we'll collect the plastic items (from your LOOPY orders) that you will be donating

The LOOPY courier will deliver your monthly order AND collect the clean and dry plastic items you will be donating.

Don't worry, we'll send out a message on the same day your order will be delivered so that you can prepare your PLASTIC LOOP.  

Moreso, no additional amount will be charged for the collection of the said plastic items.

However, please do note that we will ONLY be collecting the plastic items from LOOPY PRODUCTS alone.

STEP 4: On MONTH 6, your order will be completely FREE as part of your benefits from LOOPY

PLUS, you will also get a PLASTIC LOOP certificate recognizing your contribution to the sustainability efforts of LOOPY and THE PLASTIC FLAMINGO in Manila, Philippines.



*This PLASTIC LOOP service is only available to NCR subscribers of LOOPY.


Plastic Flamingo. (2021). The PLAF x Organisations.

McKinsey & Company and Ocean Conservancy, Stemming the Tide: Land-based Strategies for a Plastic-Free Ocean, 2015.