We’re happy to announce that LOOPY now has a VIBER Community! 📞

Viber is one of the most widely used messaging apps in the country and has been integral in keeping us connected to our family members, friends, neighbors, and communities. 

The essence of community has been captured by Viber when it launched the community feature wherein users of similar interests come together.
It has been said that in 2020, at the height of the pandemic, that there has been a significant growth in Viber Communities, especially in Metro Manila, its nearby provinces, and Cebu.


You can join us by clicking on this LINK or scanning the QR CODE below. 🔎

loopy viber qr code

Why join the LOOPY Viber Community? 


Do you have any questions or concerns about your LOOP? Do you want to change the flavors included in your next month’s LOOP? Do you have anything else you want to let us know? Now it’s so much more convenient to do so!

Community Admins can pin important messages (such as Frequently Asked Questions or current promos) to the top of the chat as an easy reference for everyone.
We’ll also remind you about your upcoming LOOP and invoice for the next month.
PLUS, new members will be able to read previously sent messages and the community’s shared chat history keeping them in the loop about what’s happening.



Be updated with the latest promos from LOOPY!

We also offer exclusive promos from time to time to Community members so keep your eyes peeled. 



No need to worry about privacy because, by default, your number is hidden from other members of the community.

Community members will be able to reply to each other’s messages and mention other members within the group using their usernames.
But rest assured, you won’t be getting unsolicited private messages or calls from strangers because they do not have access to your contact details.
Furthermore, conversations are moderated so Community Admins will be able to remove members that do not follow rules.