Clean surfaces you must have! But why exactly? Over the past two years, we’ve all been taking eeextra steps to make sure most surfaces are clean – and we still do here at Loopy! 😷
According to the WHO, it’s recommended to disinfect high touch surfaces in non-healthcare settings like your home! What are high touch surfaces? These include handles, table tops, and even small items like pens and slippers. Getting these things disinfected can help prevent the spread of germs and viruses around your home. 🙅
These high touch areas can also include your devices that you use most often. Good thing Solbac has a no dilute and/or rinse formulation which helps lessen the hassle of having to do all of those steps just to clean your devices. We recommend testing the Disinfectant Spray on a small part of your device first just to make sure it won’t wipe off anything other than germs and viruses! 🦠
With Solbac’s Surface Disinfection Spray, you can worry less about going into the dark side of germs and viruses. Get it for the lowest price guaranteed here on Loopy!