Happy New Year! New Year’s resolutions are making their way again to the top priority as we enter 2023. A new year resolution is usually a list of new goals we want to achieve or better habits we want to build throughout the year. This year’s goals can be as simple as making sure to make your bed each morning to maybe something much bigger like finishing a marathon some time this year. Whatever you choose to put in your New Year’s resolution ultimately depends on holding yourself accountable to accomplish these goals.
We know trying to build new habits is hard and we honestly don’t blame you for taking a break every now and then — because same 😅😅 But as they say, a little goes a long way!
This year, one of our goals is to keep our personal space as clean as possible. Whether it’s your bedroom, your at home office space, the kitchen (or maybe all of the above), building small habits that help you maintain your space’s cleanliness is our goal. Keep reading for some of our mini goals for each space!

The bedroom:

  • Always fold your bed linens when you get up. Knocking out this first task of the day will help keep your room looking less cluttered and more welcoming! Pro tip: spray a bit of Solbac’s Room Refresher for that extra boost of new linen smell 😌 
  • Have a pair of room slippers exclusively for your bedroom 🩴 this will come in handy with keeping all that ‘outside dirt’ from getting in your room. If you really need to place outside shoes inside your room, we recommend doing a quick wipe down with Solbac Disinfectant Wipes! (Best to test on small parts of colored and textures shoes first!)

The bathroom:

  • Toilet drops!! This game changer will surely be an MVP in keeping your bathroom smelling fresh 🙌🏼 the Solbac Toilet Drops is tiny but mighty!

The WFH setup

  • Do a weekly wipe down of your desk! We know how hard it is to maintain almost 0% excess clutter on your desk especially on the busiest days 😵‍💫 doing a weekly overhaul of your desk will help you maintain a habit of stowing away those little notes and clips back to the drawer. Pro tip: use Solbac Disinfectant Spray for that added security of a desk that truly looks and feels ✨ squeaky clean ✨ 


2022 was a tough one but building better habits in 2023 will surely be a step in the right direction 🙌🏼 let us know what your New Year’s resolution is and maybe Loopy can help 😉
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