We love telling you all about what makes our products here on Loopy extra special. Keep reading to get to know what we love about Supercoat dog food from Purina!

What is Smartblend?

We want to make sure your dog gets the most out of each bite that’s why we love Supercoat’s Smartblend technology. It makes sure that our dogs get a tailored blend of the right nutrients to give your dogs the healthiest food they’ll surely love. This makes sure that your dog gets just the right combination of quality protein and natural ingredients to help fulfil your dogs daily nutritional needs.

Why do I need special food for my small breed dog?

Supercoat for small breeds is perfect for dogs up to 10kg because of its smaller size per piece. The smaller kibble size suits smaller mouths better and ensures all the nutrition they need fits into that small package! Size matters when it comes to dog food and we love that we can provide that for your small doggies!

What is Active Energy?

Smaller breed dogs tend to be a bit more agile that bigger dogs and so they use up more energy. Purina Supercoat added B vitamins into this special fomulation to help ensure that your small dog uses energy efficiently.

What is Metabolism Support?

Because your small dog uses more energy, they tend to have a faster metabolism. This means they need a higher level of protein and fat than bigger breeds.
We love our doggies big and small that’s why we want to make sure they all get the proper nutrition! Got a small dog? Let us know how Supercoat for Small Breeds has helped you see improvement in your dog’s health! Loop it now and get your 6th month Loop for free!