This April, Solbac has got a treat for you and you get to choose your favorite scent! Each scent can change how your space feels. That's why we think it’s so important to find your fave scent asap. Here’s a quick guide to Solbac's scented disinfectant spray:

Solbac disinfectant spray in Citrus & Greens

Give your space the uplifting scent of Citrus 🍊 The refreshing mix of Citrus and Green scents are surely energizing. This is a great go-to scent as your start-of-the-day cleaning habit for your work space and home!

Solbac disinfectant spray in Fresh Linen

Honestly, we think that Fresh Linen scent is such a gift to the senses 💆  This calming scent can signal you to sit back and relax as you enjoy a clean home space after a long work week. We recommend this scent for the ones who want a clean and calm mood all rolled into one!

Solbac disinfectant spray in Lavender Mist

And last but not the least! Lavender takes the cake as our top selling scent among the three 🥳 As it is widely known that Lavender scent can signify rest and  relaxation, we’re not surprised that this is the Loopy fave so far. Maybe this is your go-to relaxation signal too?

So, Loopy friends, what’s your pick? Whatever it is, Solbac has got your back! From an uplifting scent for the day to a relaxing scent for the evening, and maybe even a fresh start as a weekend treat.

Let us know what you think!