It’s the Year of the Water Tiger this 2022, but what does that mean for us? I think we’re all looking for our lucky streak and this year might just be it!
The Tiger symbolizes strength and braveness indicating it to be a prosperous year ahead.
Similar to water, it is said that this year will bring in big changes; which might seem scary at first but you will have so much more to gain once you unlock your power of self-confidence!
Some months we have to take note of this year are the following:
  • The best months for something new:
    • January, February, and March
  • The luckiest months for love:
    • April, May, and November
  • The successful months to celebrate:
    • June, July, and August
Every year, we’re given brand new opportunities and it’s up to us to decide if it’s best for us. Whether you're from the year of the Ox, Pig, or Dragon, we wish you the best this 2022!!