Traveling has changed a lot since Covid and we’re glad that more and more people are careful about hand hygiene! Of course having some isopropyl alcohol with you as you go along is great but it’s always better to wash your hands with soap and water when you get the chance. Last weekend, we took Dr. Coco with us on our little getaway to keep us armed against germs we might pick up along the way 🙅 and it was great because we were able to rest easy knowing we were doing our part against the spread of sickness causing germs!

We always keep our little travel sized Dr. Coco with us because it’s the only one we trust to really give us a thorough clean when washing our hands. We love the fact that it not only kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, but it also leaves you with that luxurious scent– Lavender is our fave at the moment!

Coconuts are widely known to be refreshing drinks, soothing lotions, and moisturizing butters which is why there’s no surprise that it also adds that extra care and protection as the main ingredient in Dr. Coco’s hand wash. It makes sure to leave your hands feeling soft and moisturized after every wash because it doesn’t strip your skins natural lipids! Who doesn’t love an effective and gentle cleanser?

Join us in the continuous fight for a safer world for all of us with Dr. Coco! When you properly wash your hands, you have the power to prevent the spread of diseases just like Covid-19. So this weekend, make sure to pack with you your Dr. Coco! Available now on Loopy in Green Tea and Lavender scents!