LOOPY carries a wide-range of brands and products for you and your family, as well as for your home.
Here at LOOPY, we have four major categories (encompassing all your essentials to all your cravings!) to make shopping as easy as possible.
By the way, you can click on the logos and product names to redirect you to their respective links on our website! Happy shopping!
Food & DrinksBreakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert. We’ve got you covered. Be hangry no more!






Children's Milk 

Personal CareSelf-care involves treating your body right. Stay fresh and feel good all day, everyday.



Dove Men+ Care


Baby Dove
















Home Care: We spend a lot of time at home nowadays so keeping it clean and comfortable is a must.



Pet CareOur pets are part of the family, too! Grow together with your pets by keeping them nourished and healthy.




Fancy Feast





We're looking forward to LOOPING with you!