Loopy celebrates Women’s Month by highlighting some of the country’s top females in history. These women truly knew how to lead in their respective fields and continue to shine a bright light until today.

Carmen Rosales

A sharpshooter fighting with the underground movement against the Japanese who joined the forces after her husband was killed. She would sometimes disguise as a man to get past security efforts and make her way to her target. Later on, she would star in a sort of biopic of rebels during her time entitled Gerilya. Carmen, born Januaria Keller, started out as an actress and singer before joining the underground movement.

Dr. Fe Del Mundo

Doctor Fe Del Mundo is well known at the University of Santo Tomas as an Angel because of her work in establishing the first ever pediatric hospital in the Philippines. She is also heralded as the first and only woman to enroll in Harvard Medical School in 1936 after being mistaken for a man (possibly because of her ambiguous name). She was then retained in the program despite this because of her outstanding record.


Lydia De Vega

Asia’s #1 Sprint Queen at one time held 7 Philippine Records with her most notable 100m record standing for 33 years (1987-2020). She is considered to be the best locally produced sprinter the country has ever had. Now, at 57 years old, she works as an athletics coach in Singapore in hopes of producing another top Asian Sprinter.


By knowing these women, we recognize the great contributions that they made and also make us realize how much women can do. Women can, and women did!